We just added 50 new stocks 🔥

Including Spotify, BlackRock and more

We’ve been expanding our universe recently and one thing we’ve learnt is that you really love having more stocks!

So, today we’re adding some more. How about 50 in one go!

These are drawn from the FTSE 350, as well as a some more popular US stocks we think you’ll like.

We’re not going to list out every individual stock, because it would take forever and you’re busy. Here are the ones we think will be the most welcome and well-known.

New US stocks 🇺🇸


Our community’s most wanted missing stock, the beloved music streaming service went public in 2018. Now, not only can you stream free music, you can invest in it for free too!

And T-Swizzle ended her boycott too


The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock provides a huge array of ETFs in their iShares range, many of which you can invest in on the app. Initially launched by the lovable Larry Fink as a partnership with the private equity firm, Blackstone, the company went public in 1992 and wrestled itself away from Blackstone over a dispute over employee compensation.

Fink and Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman have a well-known rivalry — Larry’s winning in market cap, but Schwarzman has a much bigger net worth.

Schwarzman V Fink: like Alien V Predator for asset managers

The majority of BlackRock’s business is built on asset management for huge institutional investors, including governments and pension funds. Through this and ETFs, they’re one of the largest shareholders in almost every major company in the world.


Once the world’s leading online travel brand, Expedia is currently trailing Bookings Holdings in market cap and market share. However, they remain a powerful player, with franchises including Trivago, Hotels.com and Expedia itself.

Their online properties are split between meta-search engines, which aggregate and compare every travel option available, and online booking sites.

Now in every train station in the world

New UK stocks 🇬🇧

We’ve added around 25 of the largest companies and most visible brands in the FTSE 350. Highlights include:

Dixons Carphone

Like some kind of hybrid monster, these two high street firms merged in 2014, presumably deciding that it was more efficient to relive the 90s as a team.


The chain may not have the best reputation with shoppers, but as a business, it’s one of few good performers in the UK retail sector.

Their recent success has been down to focusing ruthlessly on stations and airports — where shoppers have few options on where to buy a Twix and a magazine.

JD Sports

Their title, “the undisputed king of trainers”, may be self-appointed, but JD Sports have had impressive success recently, with their value soaring over their American counterpart, Foot Locker.

Their rise has been ascribed to their focus on the popular athleisure trend, as well as quality sponsorships and investment in their physical stores.


Soft drink-iers to the Queen and makers of the deliciously acidic Tango, Britvic own a large portfolio of drinks brands.

New Trusts 💰

A lot of the FTSE 350 are investment trusts, large funds that invest in a set of assets and trade as a public company on the stock exchange. They often follow a particular investment theme or strategy — remember to always check the Key Investor Information Document to understand the investments and the risks.

Here are some of the most interesting areas you can now invest in:

Vietnam: VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund & Vietnam Enterprise Investments

These two large trusts are excellent routes for exposure to the fast-growing though potentially volatile Vietnamese economy. There’s some overlap between their holdings but VinaCapital invests heavily in the construction and real estate sector, while VEIL currently has big holdings in banks and financial services.

Private equity: Harbourvest Private Equity and Hg Capital

These trusts focus on private equity opportunities, taking stakes in private companies that aren’t open to investment by the general public. Private equity trusts can give you exposure to potentially high growth newer companies, as well as established private companies with good cash-flows.

Harbourvest invests globally across diverse sectors, while Hg focuses on buyouts of midsize European technology firms.

Healthcare: Worldwide Healthcare Trust

Unsurprisingly, this trust invests in healthcare companies and biotech firms across the world. If you think the world’s getting older or sicker, healthcare might be an interesting area for you. 🚑

Renewable energy: Renewable Infrastructures Group

We know lots of our users want ethical investment choices. We’re working on bringing more ethical choices, but this trust is a great first win.

Also known as TRIG, this trust invests in renewable energy assets, like wind farms, solar plants and battery storage in the UK, Ireland and France.

Terry Smith: Smithson Investment Trust

If you’re a fan of no-nonsense fund manager, Terry Smith, you might be interested in this new trust — one of the biggest launches ever for a trust in terms of investor take-up.

Smithson focuses on small to midsize global companies with a commitment to Smith’s classic buy-and-hold investment approach.

There are plenty more stocks and trusts to check out — if you have access, go and explore the app now!

Once you’re done, head to the community to discuss the big 50 addition and make any more requests you want to see in the app.

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