New stocks in the app 18/01/19

Last Friday we added a bunch of new stocks and mentioned that we’d be adding more stocks each week. As promised, here are this week’s batch. 💪

New investment trusts

Earlier this week, we wrote about investment trusts — a fund that lets you invest in a bundle of different stocks, but trades on a stock exchange itself. Read more in the post — it’s pretty comprehensive — but they’re an excellent way to invest in a particular theme, sector or geography.

You can get extra detail on each trust by tapping the Key Investor Document link in the app.

BlackRock Smaller Companies Trust (BRSC)

This trust invests in small companies . These companies will be bigger than startups but still fairly small — less than £500m total company market value. Its holdings are largely a mix of stocks listed on the London Exchange and AIM, including the polling company YouGov.

Funnily enough, YouGov’s stock price has doubled since the Brexit referendum.

JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust (JIII)

Not too hard to guess what they do. This trust invests in well-established Indian firms, with lots of exposure to the banking and construction industries.

Baillie Gifford Japan Trust (BGFD)

Another does-what-it-says-on-the-tin trust. This trust, managed by the same firm behind Scottish Mortgage Trust, invest in a variety of enterprises in Japan, currently including Softbank, Rakuten and Sony.

Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT)

After 30 years as the star fund manager at asset manager Invesco Perpetual, Neil Woodford left to start his own company, Woodford Investment Management. So far, he hasn’t replicated the same success.

This Woodford-managed trust focuses on long-term growth companies. It’s the world’s largest investor in low energy nuclear reaction technology.

Neil Woodford picking stocks through his legendary pointing system

Scottish Investment Trust (SCIN)

Not to be confused with the larger Scottish Mortgage Trust, this venerable trust invests globally across diverse sectors and currently holds companies like Gap Inc, Macy’s, Royal Dutch Shell and Tesco. Full of UK and US blue chips.

Edinburgh Dragon Trust (EFM)

This trust invests in Far Eastern companies in countries such as Taiwan, China, Singapore and South Korea but not Japan. Its current holdings include Samsung and Tencent.

New stocks

We’ve also added some new UK stocks to the universe, from high street retail chains to beer and pizza companies.

Dominos Group plc (DOM)

The sellers of the legendary Meateor pizza. Who knew an asteroid themed pizza would be successful?

Delicious or terrifying?

Like many fast food brands, Dominos Pizza operates as a franchise, allowing companies around the world to take on their product and sell it for a cut of the profits. Dominos Group plc is the UK franchise owner and also has interests in mainland Europe.

Fuller, Smith & Turner (FSTA)

Well-known for their flagship pint, London Pride, Fullers were one of only a few independent London brewers until the craft beer boom. Operating in Chiswick since 1845, they brew a number of popular ales, alongside more innovative beers targeted at craft beer fans.

Halfords (HFD)

This British high street institution sells bikes, camping equipment car parts, touring equipment. Basically, if you like spending time outdoors or are taking part in a game of cross country hide-and-seek, Halfords could probably sell you something.

You can check out all these stocks in the app now. Remember if there are companies you want us to prioritise, request in the community.

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