New stocks in the app 15/02/19

Fever Tree, Asos and Boohoo!

Hot on the heels of adding US stocks and 50 extra shares to boot, we’ve got 3 fresh stocks for the week and they’re some of our users’ most wanted.

What are you adding? ➕

Today, we’re adding:

These were all recently requested in the community!

You may have also noticed that these stocks are on AIM.

What’s AIM? 🤔

AIM stands for Alternative Investment Market. It’s a submarket of the London Stock Exchange, especially built for smaller, less established companies. Like a young, edgy spin-off: the Scrubs Med School to the LSE’s regular Scrubs.

However, unlike Scrubs: Med School, AIM doesn’t suck.

The regulations to list on AIM are slightly less stringent than the main market of the London Stock Exchange. This means that earlier stage and smaller companies may find it easier to list there.

It also often means that the companies on AIM have more risk relative to the LSE — as well as potentially more opportunity for growth.

We won’t necessarily be adding more stocks from AIM. We want to check the demand and volume for these stocks.

We’re thrilled to bring you the most requested ones though! Let us know what you think in the community! 🙏

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