New stocks in the app 11/01/19

One of our users’ most consistent requests is to bring new stocks into our universe of available assets.

Of course, the next big addition will be 120 US stocks, coming later this month. 🇺🇸

But we’re also looking to expand our universe each week. We’ve set up a stock request section in our community and it’s the place to potentially make a huge contribution to the app.

If you wanna invest, request. 😄

You can also support other people’s suggestions by voting for them — here are our top voted requests right now.

Let’s take a look at this week’s additions:

New exchange-traded fund

We posted earlier this week on the current market volatility and mentioned we’d be adding some more stocks and assets. While lots of investors ignore short-term market conditions in favour of a long-term view, we’ve also added some more funds for investors who prefer more conservative investing choices.

iShares $ Ultrashort bond ETF

This is a US dollar Ultrashort bond ETF, which we’ve added after a great request here.

Ultrashort ETFs invest in very short-term bonds, fixed income securities which represent an incredibly short term loan (i.e. under a year). They’re usually issued by governments and big corporations that need constant access to cash.

It might sound a bit like a kind of payday loan for a government, but they’re actually one of the least volatile investments. Because of the short time to maturity, there’s less risk of a default or sensitivity to interest rate changes.

All this means, that Ultrashort funds are often seen as a proxy for holding cash.

Since this is a dollar Ultrashort fund, investing in this fund could be used as a proxy for investing in US dollars or to guard against the value of pounds falling relative to the dollar.

We’ve also had a GBP Ultrashort in the app since launch, which tracks £-priced short-term bonds.

New Investment Trust

Investment Trusts are a type of investment fund that trades on a stock exchange — they’re structured differently from ETFs and we’ll be writing more about them next week.

We already have one trust in the universe: the very popular Scottish Mortgage Trust, which currently has a major focus on tech stocks from the US and Asia. This week, we’re adding another, which was also requested in our community.

City of London Trust

This trust is managed by Janus Henderson and currently invests mostly in large, well-established UK companies from the banking, energy and consumer brand sectors. Head here for the manager’s factsheet on the trust.

Here are the top 10 holdings as of 11/01/19 — view any changes here.

New UK Stock

Cineworld Group plc

Cineworld is currently the world’s 2nd largest cinema group, with major chains operating in the UK, Europe and, after a recent merger, the USA.

This was yet another stock that was requested in our community. This requesting thing really works. 😅

Open the app to check out any of these stocks live and we’ll be adding more stocks next week — stay tuned!

Finally, if you want to suggest a stock and make your own mark on Freetrade, head to the community to request.

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